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Humble G the Fiddla

Myles Alexander Keaton Smith, a Violinist/Hip-hope artist whose talents and performances are unlike any other.  “I perform positive, constructive music without being preachy, corny or profane,” says Smith with his trademark unassuming charisma. His humility and humanity have earned him his stage name, Humble G Tha Fiddla.  A resident of Cleveland, Ohio, top ten member of Cleveland’s Got Talent and a student from the Cleveland School of The Arts, it is Humble’s self-taught violin playing that captivates contemporary audiences as he blends to perfection the edginess of hip hop with the radical elegance of strings. His MC skills are on point and he moves effortlessly from rapping to picking up a violin and playing over hip hop tracks. Seeing is believing.

“Brothers Keeper” and “Ride for Me” are two songs that amplify how this artist has masterfully bridged two musical worlds. He has delivered over 500 high energy shows with a unique twist. Humble is launching his Stop the Hate/High School/College Tour, his mix tape,One of a Kind, and his album, Undeniable. He routinely makes time for performances at nonprofit gigs in schools, prisons and peace rallies. To an audience of 7,000, Humble opened for Barack Obama in Cleveland, Ohio.

His future is vested in the inspiration of a new generation of musical talent that does positive music.His artistic temperament is funneled through a generous and loving spirit that, according to Humble, is, “Be Wise, Be Confident but above all, Be humble.” 

Humble is a co-founder and independent artist with Global Entertainment Incorporated, a Cleveland based entertainment company that specializes in music that challenges the heart and the head.  “Humble understands the magnitude of his gifts and the responsibility to use them in a productive manner,” says Gary Martinis, President of Spittin Rhymes Productions LTD.  Humble is also a member of “Violins Against Violence,” a program which putsviolins in the hands of Ohio 3rd graders, and is an active member of the Cleveland Entertainment Coalition.

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