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O.G. Shanksta

O.G. Shanksta is an old-school rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up with 13 brothers and sisters in the projects led him to discover music. He was surrounded by emcees and rappers freestyling in parking lots around his building. He starting rapping at only 13 years old. Shanksta began performing shows and was soon discovered by Chuck Conway Sr., who taught him how to write and structure songs. More recently, O.G. Shanksta formed a rap group called Black Mist. This group consists of 3 members: Half Dead, Smooth Daddy Lash, and O.G. Shanksta himself. He is now a part of Global Records where he along with Mic Beats, Griot, Rashiadah, humble g, J of B, and M.C. F.A.M.E. promote Hip-Hope and Edu-tainment through Afri-pean music and entertainment. 


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