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Written  Monday, 17 April 2017 by 

On April 30th, Molly Burch will hit the Starline Social Club stage in support of her first complete studio album, Please be Mine. She’s opening for similarly soulful female indie-rock artist Sallie Ford, who will be focusing on her own newly released album, Soul Sick.

Siting her influences as Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone, Burch routinely delivers passionate, irony-filled love songs over vibrating, floating guitar. Trained in jazz vocal performance at the University of North Carolina, her lilting voice is full of an incredible amount of character for such a new artist, complimenting her descriptive songwriting well. She certainly has a vocal range, belting away on heartbreaking tunes like “Downhearted” and “I Love You Still” that are even more impressive once you know her entire album was recorded in two days. It’s an album reminiscent of bitter-sweet goodbyes and long drives home—a pleasant return to simplistic honesty amongst all the experimental and off-beat albums that have been released so far this year.

On record she gives a performance that generates high expectations for this month’s tour as she crosses the country from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Oakland, California. As her album was recorded in the intimate setting of Dan Duszynski’s studio in Dripping Springs, Texas, so does she promise to provide an intimate performance in the 400-person-capacity Starline Social Club, the same venue that hosted show-stopping performances from similarly heartfelt singer-songwriters like Frankie Cosmos or Bill Callahan. Like her bio says, “we’re all lucky Molly started writing music,” and we are also lucky to see her perform live later this month.


Veronica Irwin

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