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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Pixies - Um Chagga Lagga

Pixies. Tiny, “a little mischievous, a little playful, a little not-too-serious.” Their music could be a slice of surf punk plus a piece of alternative rock.

This music video is a truck stoppy movie on the road. It features monochrome intense shots of the posse bashing on, with cuts of a woman in red, standing on the side of an empty highway somewhere in France, streetwalking. And later with snaps of the woman in red, red light...

The smoke spitting Black Francis took it easy with stumbling and moaning “um chagga lagga on the side of the road”, then slowly gone wilder, and wilder. To where he yells “It’s starting to hit me” -- like a fierce tsunami chasing after him, and it’s out to get him.

The Head Carrier album marks the drama of the group with Kim Deal and Black Francis, and also first appearance of bassist Paz Lenchantin after Kim Shattuck, who was asked to leave the group a short few months into replacing Kim Deal. One of the tracks "All I Think About Now" was a thank you letter to Kim Deal co-wrote by Lenchantin.

Watch the video, and get Frank.


Written by  Stephanie Au
Last modified on Wednesday, 09 November 2016
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