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Thursday, 02 February 2017



Actress, model, Hunnypot alumna, Veronica Loren.  Loren is best known for her acting work in acclaimed movie August Evening, and movies Without Men and Five Thirteen.  She is back with her debut single “Bear Hands” from her music project “V.”  From her website, “Deep beats, Hard synths, V’s voice melts right in / Giving you delectable sounds to dance to, music to vibe to, & frequencies to flow to.”  The song is certainly entrancing, and when coupled with the video, you just can’t look away.  V’s costumes are all avant garde fashion, often with a BDSM twist.  Sexy and a bit weird, watch “Bear Hands” and hide your man (or yourself).

Listen to her performance at Hunnypot Live #333 from January 2016 here

Listen to her performance at Hunnypot Live #345 from July 2016 here

Written by  Megan Tierney