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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Fischerspooner - Togetherness feat. Caroline Polachek

Bedroom politics is some dirty business.

"Imagine it choreographed. Casey Spooner rocking his mustache shirtless, featuring Chairlift vocalist Caroline Polachek, with special guests artist-DJ Juliana Huxtable and actor Juan Pablo Rahal. 

Personal, honest and unconcealed homosexuality put right in front of the audience, just like Fischerspooner as always. Produced by Michael Stripe, SIR depicts the period after Spooner ended a 14-year relationship. "[Spooner] encouraged me to be more emotionally connected and to trust my voice... and fought for more raw vocal," Spooner stated at NPR Music. ""He was a mentor and a great friend who guided me through troubled times and captured my experience. He lifted me up at my lowest. This album is a document of that experience."

Boots, producer for Beyonce, Run The Jewels and Autolux, co-produced "Have Fun Tonight", and also sprinkled some magic dust for another 2 tracks.

Fischerspooner demonstrates to us music is about love. It is also about sweat, and tears, and struggle and lust and infatuation and heartbreaks. And rebirth.

A note for you: TopBrazil is just out. And oh, SF, LA and OC, make yourself available on March 14th, 15th and 16th. Party's on. Pre-game supplied in the video above.

Written by  Stephanie Au
Last modified on Wednesday, 24 January 2018