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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Vol. 27

How's your summer going? We have the perfect mid season playlist for you. The Summer 2019 Hunnypot Artist Singles compilation.  Chock full of various genres and feels.

Vol. 27 features 2019 new music from all of these amazing Hunnypot Artists. All songs are available for "One Stop" Synchronization Licensing from Hunnypot.  Hit up John or Jeffrey to make it happen. 

-John Hot Tub Anderson

  1. FBGM - High

  2. Lupa - Livin' it Up

  3. Bronson Wisconsin - Like a Storm

  4. Little Coyote - Witness

  5. O.C. Hurricanes - Ah-Ha (I Love You, Yes I Do)

  6. Lindsay Nourse - Spoken Words

  7. Michete - Touch It

  8. The BellRays - Love and Hard Times

  9. Maria Vertiz - Somos Mexico

  10. PLVNK - Not Like You 

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Location: Boston, MA

Genre: Pop/Indie 

Sounds like: Reverb Drenched Pop Melodies

Livin It Up Artwork SHRUNK

Lupa - Livin' it Up

Location: London, United Kingdom

Genre: Pop/Dance/Alternative

Sounds Like: The start of your summer vacation

Like a Storm SINGLE COVER 640x640

Bronson Wisconsin - Like a Storm

Location: Madison, WI

Genre: Americana / Rock / Folk

Sounds Like: Jason Isbell gets back with Drive By Truckers

little coyote3

Little Coyote - Witness

Location: Toronto, CN

Genre: Edgy, Organic Pop

Sounds Like: The beautiful pains of life

OC HUrricanes2 

O.C. Hurricanes - Ah-Ha (I Love You, Yes I Do)

Location: Orange County, CA 

Genre: Retro/Indie/Rock n Roll

Sounds Like: A familiar voice in a new soul

Lindsay Nourse Spoken Words SHRUNK

Lindsay Nourse - Spoken Words 

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Genre: Pop/Singer Songwriter

Sounds Like: A Reminder of classics

michete touch it

Michete - Touch It

Location: Seattle, WA

Genre: Dirty, Haughty, Danceable Rap Music

Sounds Like: Everything you didn't understand and made fun of and now love. 

 The BellRays

The BellRays - Love and Hard Times

Location: Riverside, CA

Genre:  Punk Funk Rock Soul 

Sounds Like:  An honest lesson in loving yourself

Maria Vertiz 1

Maria Vertiz - Somos Mexico

Location: Mexico City, Mexico 

Genre:  LatinX Indie Pop

Sounds Like:  Anthemic world view pop 


PLVNK - Not Like You

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Genre: Upbeat Pop Hop

Sounds Like: Springtime in the city



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