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Ben Is Dead 30 Year Anniversary Celebration

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Hunnypot has always supported great music zines and "Ben Is Dead" is one of the finest! The magazine began as a photocopied publication featuring interviews with punk and "alternative" rock bands of the era (including such then up-and-comers as Ethyl MeatplowNirvana and Hole) alongside the confessional and often shocking writing of Romeo, editors Mikki Halpin and Kerin Morataya, and her many contributors (which included such colorful personalities as Vaginal DavisRon Athey and Lisa Crystal Carver.) Starting with issue 10 ("Mother"), each issue had an overall theme ("Revenge," "Obsessions and Bad Habits," "Sex," etc.) which the zine's writers would explore in exhaustive detail, freely recounting their own suicide attempts, kinky sexual adventures, addictions or family horror stories. The zine gradually became much more slick-looking and featured interviews with such mainstream acts as Tom Jones, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Duran Duran alongside underground notables like William S. BurroughsJohnny Rotten and Anton LaVey. Eventually Ben Is Deadhad a circulation in the tens of thousands and was being sold in Borders and Tower Records across the USA.

Come through to Ben Is Dead 30 Year Anniversary Party & Zine Fest at Catch One on November 11th, 2018 and show some love! Grab your tickets here.

Artists performing include:


Eleven Eleven

Glen Meadmore


Leyna Marika P


Poppy Jean Crawford

Pussy Cow

Midget Handjob

Savage Republic




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