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Download Mark Mallman's Classic Album, The End is Not the End and read his followup BOOK, The Happiness Playlist

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Minneapolis musician Mark Mallman woke up at 3 a.m. with a crushing panic attack that wouldn’t end. He responded by pouring songs into a happiness playlist and leaning on the wisdom of friends. This is the true story of a man beset by grief, healed by music, and learning to laugh through it all. Check out the book here: The Happiness Playlist

Prior to this celebrated tome:

"On March 25, 2016, Mallman released “The End is Not The End,” which features themes of life after death and constant rebirth on earth. Mallman created the album after his mother died and he was dealing with depression and anxiety attacks. He has said in interviews that it’s “a deliberate meditation on overcoming the roots of despair.” (Thinkpiecepublishing.com)
This "lost" classic album is full of style(s), emotions and power that can help tell and even inspire stories.  

Relive and revisit the music of the events that lead to this book. 
Link to Stream/Download: https://s.disco.ac/pqpazhsjfrvl
Our Favorite tracks: 
"Hologram Jesus" 
"The End Is Not The End"
"Trying to Fight Fire with a Fist"
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