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Moshpit virtual Fest || Sean The Star Emperor ft. Jameson Tabor

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Moshpit XR LLC, a Los Angeles based 3D concert entertainment company releases a new hyper-realistic, daytime virtual festival concert with Sean The Star Emperor

The virtual/VR world is so cutting edge, who wouldn't want to break new earth with such an endeavor.”
— Sean

Moshpit reveals an entirely new approach in virtual concerts by presenting a daytime virtual concert Festival with huge intelligent AI fans and the ability for human avatars to join in as well. The show features popular Los Angeles based music artist Sean The Star Emperor.

We sat down with Sean for a Q&A regarding his artistry, performance in this virtual festival, and his outlook on virtual concerts:

Q: Sean, How was the experience shooting this show?

A: Filming the show was great. It was so easy and it was actually more comfortable to have just a crew and a green screen. Sometimes the audience gives me anxiety, and shooting this way made me feel like I was free to perform freely. So yes; I enjoyed the uniqueness of this new medium.

Q: What motivated you to choose to participate in this with the Moshpit team?

A: The virtual/VR/AR world is so cutting edge, who wouldn't want to break new earth with such an endeavor. Also the potential reach of viewers is far more than I could get at a concert of my own at this stage of my career, or during a pandemic.

Q: Has the company been pleasant to work with?

A: The courteous nature and full transparency of the Moshpit team are such valued traits in the Music Business and rare. I never felt abused, or disregarded , and I was always informed of updates. It is pleasing to have entertainment professionals making you feel treasured and valued and that's what Mosphit does. I feel like a valued asset around them, like a Picasso.

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of Virtual concerts and music experiences?

A: Yes, this is the future. We already have online concerts as seen through Fortnite and other examples. Also, organizations like "School Night" have partnered with Twitch and are doing great 'digicasts' like "School Night At Home." Society, culture, and technology, and social habits are forcing us even more toward this realm. The aforementioned shows us that companies are redefining themselves. One would be a fool to not follow suit. As an independent artist, I am highly invested in seeking ways to contend with artists signed to major labels with huge support. I can't compete with their dollars and their nexus. However, if I find the right platform to invest in, accompanied by a new technology, then I have hope. This is the beauty of Moshpit.

Moshpit will be showcasing its innovative virtual concert technology in coming months. If you're an artist and want to collaborate with Moshpit. You can reach out to them: info@moshpit.live - Darryl Swann

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