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Manny's Favorite Things (like Oprah)

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Empire Of The Sun
Favorite Australians

The sleeper/creeper of '08

Empire Of The Sun Walking On A Dream

Titus Andronicus
Favorite Americans

It's dirty. It's folksy. It's the soundtrack to third world America

Titus Andronicus Joset Of Nazaret's Blues

Surf City
Favorite New Zealanders

I listen to this while i drive my moped around L.A. It reminds me of Jesus & Mary Chain a little.

Surf City Records of A Flagpole Skater

The Carps
Favorite Canadians

Two guys making all kinds of racket.


The Carps Veronica Belmont

Lesser Panda
Favorite trend 'Gloom Dance' a.k.a 'Death Disco'

No band monopolized my playlists quite like Lesser Panda in '08.

Lesser Panda Ghostdance

Club Feet
Favorite ironically chipper tune

... and 1st Runner Up for 'Favorite Australians' title Photobucket

Club Feet Teenage Suicide

No And The Maybes
Favorite Swedes

Great song about banging your girlfriend's friends.


No & The Maybes Can I Sleep With Your Friends

Hot Pink DeLorean w/ Fantastadon
Favorite Collaboration

The Valerie Harper & Mary Tyler Moore of electro.

Hot Pink DeLorean Party Favour


The Old Believers
Favorite overall thing (musical or otherwise) about '08

From begining to end this is the most masterfully crafted release of the year.

the Old Believers The Glories All Been Done


Stricken City Favorite Video
One girl, a paint bucket, and a great song. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL3w8_zkSCg&hl=en&fs=1]


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