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Bronson Wisconsin

Bronson Wisconsin is a touring and recording 4 piece indie rock n' roll outfit. Their live show is a unique combination of party, drama, stories, and guitar solos that will leave you wanting so much more. Their recordings will keep you with these feelings long after the live experience. 

Bronson's original music and his heartfelt ultra jam cover of "You've Lost The Loving Feeling" will blow you away. 

Bronson Wisconsin's newest full length recording, is called Like a Storm

Introducing Bronson Wisconsin’s Debut LP

“Like a Storm”


“Elements from mariachi, surf, country, classic and indie rock feed off of each other while lifting each other up…”


Los Angeles, Calif. — May 10, 2019 — From start to finish, Bronson Wisconsin’s debut LP, Like a Storm, beams with an almost impulsive honesty. The lyrics are powerful yet conversational, the vocals are strong and soaring, and the music comes to us from a new yet vaguely familiar place that welcomes the range of song-styles and intergenre-mingling that this album has successfully married.

Making up half of the acclaimed latin rock guitar virtuosos, Taalbi Brothers, Bronson has written and performed music featured on the season 4 finale of AMC’s Emmy® Award-Winning drama Breaking Bad, accomplishing 2:30 of constant airplay to millions of viewers. The song "Freestyle" was released in 2009 and reached #2 on the iTunes world music charts. The title track from the brothers’ following EP, Ameksa, was then handpicked by Derek Hough for a dance on the ABC show Dancing With The Stars. The song was remixed by EDM group and production team, District 78. The Ameksa EP was released in 2010 and held the #5 position on iTunes’ World Music charts for 2 weeks. 

Today Bronson is heard carrying over some of the more adventurous qualities that instrumental music tends to have, into his first official release as Bronson Wisconsin, Like a Storm. Madison, Wisconsin’s own La Follette High School orchestra class tune their instruments, preparing us for the title track. Elements of mariachi, surf, country, indie and classic rock feed off each other while taking turns in the light through the next ten songs as the listener is ushered into unexpected settings. Elementary school when they lost their first crush. A Lonely car past four in the morning driving through the Pennsylvania fog twelve hours from home. In their new apartment, dimming the bedroom lights and confronting their lover as they set their alarm for work in the morning.

The album begins its end on a grand note, basking in a completely re-imagined rendition of the epic song, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. As the final moments of this careful collection of layers and reflections become inevitable, the listener is seduced into a daze of melancholy chords and a haunting piano that seems to suggest what we might be hearing from in the future. 

Listen/Stream here: Bronson Wisconsin - Like a Storm Album

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