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Emerging from the vibrant heart of Miami, Florida, 19MIL is carving a distinctive niche in the music landscape. With her signature goth R&B POP sound- characterized by captivating vocals, powerful production, and a mesmerizing tone- she’s not just making music, but crafting sonic masterpieces that resonate with a generation.

Although she’s been on the music scene for just over a year 19MIL’s journey into the realm of music was a serendipitous one. It was an influential figure, now absent from her life, who introduced her to the industry, and this gesture of destiny is something she will forever cherish. While 19MIL has a penchant for artists like Lil Peep, Yeat, and Lil Uzi Vert, she doesn’t often veer toward female artists. However, she unabashedly admits to being a die-hard fan of Billie Eilish.

Originally from the serene beach town of Treasure Island, Florida, where the music scene is predominately dominated by beach bar bands delivering covers, 19MIL stands out as a beacon of originality. To her, music composition is no less than a herculean task. From finding the right lyrics and crafting harmonious rhythms to delving deep into the myriad layers of production, every step presents its challenges. Yet, she persists, driven by the desire to be sure her message is conveyed accurately.

For 19MIL, music is more than just a creative outlet - it's a means to connect. Her core mission in producing music is to resonate with her listeners, to let them know they’re not alone in their feelings. She aspires to be a voice of reason, reassuring her audience that shared experiences are universal, and its okay to stand out. “You can be the light in a dark place,” she proclaims, emphasizing the need to persist through challenges.

Currently, her energies are laser-focused on refining her distinctive sound and releasing a slue of singles. Among them, the latest is “Deep End.” A visual and auditory treat, this track is more than just a song - its an emotion. Whether listeners are seeking solace in their room or cruising with the top down on a freeway, “Deep End” promises an immersive experience, an intricate blend of emotions and melodies that beacon listeners to hit repeat.

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-John Anderson a.k.a. Hot Tub Johnnie


19MIL 2023

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