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Seeing temples on stage reminds me of how I imagine a 70s British rock band to look—the band members spread the stage all standing tall and lanky with eyes half hidden behind variously styled mops of hair, oozing cool composure with every note. Their visuals consist of the classic liquid light shows that my lyft driver said he remembered from his childhood weekends spent at the Fillmore and Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, and their stadium-scale lights were all at once exciting and blinding. You could feel the fuzzy bass vibrating through the floor.

Their newest album, Volcano, follows in the same self-produced vein of their previous work, but with much more evolved, beefed-up tone than their debut album, Sun Structures. They had previously been described to me as “Tame Impala light,” but, after seeing them live, I might say Tame Impala is “Temples light.” Their sound live is surprisingly grittier and more drum heavy than I expected, making the show feel like an old-school rock show. The audience was clearly on board too, each dressed in modernized flare leg jeans, denim jackets, and braided, flower-filled hair.

Playing the Chapel as the first night of their “Desert Daze” tour, the production was definitely scaled up compared to the previous bands that played. Having been there since 7:00, it wasn’t until Temples came on at 11:00pm that I really felt like I was at the festival Noise Pop 25 tries to be. The crowd transformed from that just chatting with friends, having drinks, and watching some music to one that had all their attention focused on the stage.

Lead singer James Bagshaw and drummer Sam Toms carry the show, the first of who’s slightly cocky attitude commands respect while Toms smashes away and provides a driving beat set that drives the band from one song to the next. Thomas Warmsley and Adam Smith carry up the sides of the stage, both giving more introverted but still incredibly cool and laid back performances. Overall, the band glows the ultra-hip personality I would expect of a British psychedelic rock band, serving up enjoyable and agreeable fare for their attendees. Fans who have bought tickets to their tour certainly have something to look forward to.


Photo Credit: Alexander Sosnowski (@snows_sounds)


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