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Our favorite falsetto-tinged dreampop artist Porcelain Raft will return to the stage in support of his latest album, Microclimate, this April, playing the Swedish American Music Hall in San Francisco on the April 26th.

 Formerly known as the frontman of Sunny Day Sets Fire, Italian musical talent Mauro Remiddi releases his third full length album (or fifth release if you include his two official EPs) with the same nostalgic, gurgling, and exciting electro beats and catchy melodies he has become known for since his start in 2010. Containing radio-made catchy ballads like “Rolling Over,” mysterious and hypnotic pieces like “Kookaburra” or “The Greatest View,” and deceptively upbeat thoughtful tunes like “The Poets Were Right,” the album is undeniably pleasing while still containing the stylistic depth and intricacy Remiddi is known for. Think Remiddi’s classic guitar and synths, syncopated rhythms and slightly more intricate vocals reminiscent of Thom Yorke on Radiohead’s A Moonshaped Pool.

 Live, Mauro Remiddi shows his experience as a frontman, completely immersing himself in the music while still being technically precise. Assuming this tour will be like performances prior, the show is certainly centered around Remiddi, oftentimes mixing himself and playing guitar and singing solo. Porcelain Raft is without a doubt Remiddi’s personal project, which he owns boldly as he commands the entire stage in his oftentimes even one-man shows. This highly anticipated tour is certainly not one to miss.

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