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Latino gay bar, “Club Chico” located in East LA is the home of SCUM, a monthly queer punk night for “queerdos” and anyone else in search of a punk, new wave, trash, and house dance party. SCUM was started two years ago by Rudy Bleu and Hex-Ray, who are both inflectional figures in the Queer Chicano Culture. Rudy Bleu and Hex-Ray asked one of Queercore’s founding fathers, Limp Wrist to help celebrate their success and appreciation of the Hispanic punk community, with a sold-out 2-year anniversary show. The band was founded in 1998 by Martin Sorrondeguy, lead singer of Los Crudos  and Mark Telfian of Hail Mary. Limp Wrist recently celebrated fifth album “Facades” (2017) staying true to their hardcore sound that covers themes apropos to the LGBTQ community. This can be heard in their lyrics. Limp Wrist  shows are known for outrageous fan participation, like naked stage diving, kissing band members, and running around on stage. Martin is unfazed by the unique ways fans show their love.  He sometimes even participates by sitting on fans’ faces during live performances. The band is also notorious for their onstage attire, or lack thereof.  For a performance, Martin wore his best thong cut jean shorts to show off his red jock strap and suspenders with a classic leather Daddy motorcycle hat. SCUM’s regular partygoers did not fall short in providing the known Limp Wrist crowd experience, with pant-less fans being chased on stage by security for making sexual gestures to bands members out of love and respect.

Often live shows follow a formula. The openers sharing a similar sound and fan base as the headliner, they did things a little differently. SCUM delivered the true meaning of a variety show, kicking off the night with a performance by drag host Lady Forbidden followed by other local drag performers. Two heterosexual men I spoke to during the show admitted to this being their first drag show; SCUM parties have a way of bringing together least likely pairs. In addition to the drag show there were performances by queer hardcore band, Causa, Destruye Y Huye, and the all-female mariachi band La Victoria, who covered Selena’s “Como La Flor”.

Within the sea of leather studded painted jackets, Doc Marten's, bullet belts, band tees, and Mohawks there was still a strong presence of the LGBTQ community. It was as if someone dropped a hardcore show in the middle of a 1980’s new wave gay night club. Some show goers were dressed in full drag as if it was a regular night at SCUM. The punk/hardcore scene with many Scum first timers and outsiders did not compromise the vibe frequent SCUM’s attendees are accustom. Once Limp Wrist hit the stage the room became a place of unity and support.  It was clear no matter how any individual identified, everyone shared a love of queercore.







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