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Today, there are so many genres and subcategories of Rock ‘n Roll it’s impossible to keep them all straight anymore.  Just recently I stumbled upon a new offering by a band that simply stopped me in my tracks.  The New Roses, who hail from Wiesbaden, Germany are one of the best American Rock n Roll bands around today.  Yes, you read that right.  Their 4th release titled “Nothing but Wild” just dropped this week and it is a collection of 15 songs that have its roots planted deeply in classic heavy rock.

Sometimes when you listen to a record, it takes a while for the band to hit its stride.  This album begins with the song “Soundtrack of my Life” and within the first 20 seconds I found myself nodding rhythmically and reaching for the volume button. Not a good thing to do while driving, I’ll admit, but this record grabbed me by the throat immediately and just would not let go.   Timmy Rough (vocals, guitar), Norman Bites (guitar), Hardy (bass), and Urban Berz (drums), unleashed one kick-ass rock song to open this record.  Right away you can pick up on their diverse influences.  AC/DC, Black Crows, Aerosmith, Junkyard, and even Country music all seem to make contributions to their powerful sound.  I was now curious how deep into the album they could continue this delivery.

“Can’t Stop Rock ‘n Roll”, “Nothing but Wild” and “Down by the River” (see video below) continue to chug along at that perfect rock tempo, and Rough’s vocals are soaring.  His vocal harmonies along with Bites’ deep fat hooks, this record is uncontrollable.  Continuing, “Running out of Hearts”, “Unknown Territory” and “As the Crow Flies” reinforce Hardy and Berz’ clean and big bottom end on this record.

Just when you thought you’ve figured them out, they throw “Give and Take” at you.  This one chugs along smoothly while throwing a Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy vibe at you.  Unreal.  “The Only Thing” is next with its Bryan Adams vibe, “Meet Me Halfway” and “The Bullet” which are fun mixes of country and the classic 80’s big hair ballad. 

If not impressed yet, have a listen to perhaps the best song on the album “Glory Road”.  This song should be on the tip of everyone’s tongue as it is the perfect song for a road trip.  In fact, the record is easily a perfect choice for a nice summer road trip.   Again, the harmonies are so refreshing sitting on top of these fun clean hooks, this album proved that it’s one which will be always within reach.

The record is full of chock-full harmonies all served with searing guitars, high energy, and a no-frills execution.  Heavy, catchy, thoughtful Hard Rock executed with thought and precision that should have plenty of rock fans  headbanging, fist pumping and singing along….  What’s next for The New Roses?  Let’s get this infectious brand of music to the States!   Cross the pond boys I’ll be waiting!


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.8 out of 10

Artist:  The New Roses    LP: Nothing But Wild,   Release Date: Aug 2nd, 2019,  LabelNapalm Records

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