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At first listen, I heard some major Sum 41 x Bowling for Soup vibes and got a good feeling for what I was about to hear.  No Parents from Los Angeles, California is set to release their new EP, Middleground, on September 27th and I think people are going to enjoy its rad sound.  The title track, "Middleground", is a great start to the EP because it was heavy hitting and keeps you entertained and engaged the entire time.

It’s worth noting that No Parents add a lot of comical lyrics to every song.  You can really tell they had a lot of fun making this four-song zinger because Zoe, the lead singer, just goes in there and rocks out on the mic.  The best song in my opinion is probably “Your Band” because it takes their comical lyrics to a whole new level.  I can only imagine how wild a No Parents show would be like.  Probably nonstop hi jinx throughout including running, jumping, and mass interaction with their fans.  No Parents are currently on tour with Plague Vendor and from what I have gathered it's one heck of a show.

Clocking in at only four songs, I think they chose the right tracks to release on Middleground.   Thinking about this, I wonder how many songs they actually wrote and how hard it was to only choose the ones they did.  And maybe (Just maybe) they released them all in a precursor of  great things to come.  “Sunday Brunch”  might just be such a song and is just a bop that should be played at every house party.  No Parents definitely delivered on this EP and I’m excited for more people to hear these songs on tour and once they release on the 27th.

Nick, Killian, Zoe, and Dee Dee are adding to the punk-rock genre and we all know that is needed in today's scene.  It seems as if it is a dying sound, but because of bands like No Parents, we get to continue hearing new upbeat punk music.  Bottom line, this band is talented, entertaining, and I see them making a big punk-rock splash soon!

As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.1 out of 10

Artist:  No Parents LP: Middleground,   Release Date: Sept 27th, 2019

James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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