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Hailing from South America, the self-proclaimed Brazilian Viking Metal band Armored Dawn has bestowed upon us their latest release.  Entitled Viking Zombie (Deluxe Edition), this 14 song onslaught is chock full of all one would wish for in a metal album today.  Although I struggled to find much in the Viking Metal vein (outside of the lyrics), what they provided here is pretty darn good just the same. 

The album opens with a track titled "Ragnarok," which seemingly expects to jump us into some blistering Norse-flavored sonic destructiveness.  Instead, we are treated to a very straightforward metal song, complete with a very pleasing melodic metal vibe, just like the classics.  Next up was "Animal Uncaged," another energetic rock tune.  With some upbeat drumming and crunchy as hell guitar work to assist in the delivery of this kick-ass song, they are succeeding in pulling me in so far.

Next up is the latest single from the album called "Zombie Viking." A very accessible song, hard-driving, melodic, with some keyboards, laid out underneath the clean guitar work.  With this song being the third on the album, I must say thumbs up to this point.  Beefy guitar, some fast and clean drumming, melodic vocals, and an excellent example of straightforward hard rock has me eagerly waiting to see what's next.  "Fire in Flames," "The Eyes of the Wolves," and "Face to Face," continue with the same aggressive, metal flavor, and the band is seemingly employing even greater use of keyboards.  Nothing wrong with this as it fits well.  But part of me is still waiting for the Viking to emerge. "Rain on Fire," perhaps the most intriguing song on the whole album, is another melodic piece with more keyboards, strings, and easily the most guttural vocals heard yet, all wrapped up in a galloping tune which will get the fists flying.

After giving this one numerous spins around the block, there is simply no lack of talent in Armored Dawn.  They have been around an ever-evolving metal scene since their teen years and it's demonstrated throughout this 14-track album.  Viking Zombie (Deluxe Edition) comes across as well-produced, is steeped in ass-kickery, while at the same time dazzling listeners with amazing harmonies.  You'll even find some unique classical twists along the way which will sure to please even the most picky music aficionado.  With each song offering something more than the previous one, it's simply a fun record to listen to.  Don't hold your breath for the Norse style of Metal though, listen to it for what it is;  A pretty darn good Metal record.  Give this one a spin and be well! 


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.1 out of 10

Artist:  Armored Dawn,  LPViking Zombie (Deluxe Edition)  Release Date: March 20th, 2020,   Label: The Orchard/Sony

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