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Who would have guessed that we’d live through a time where the release of a Thrash Metal album would return a sense of normalcy to our lives?  Testament has just dropped their thirteenth album, and for me, it’s provided a welcome respite from this pandemic that has so thoroughly turned our lives upside down.

Testament, a contributing engineer of an entire genre, hit the scene in 1987 with their debut album, The Legacy, positioning themselves nicely to take on Metallica for the top of the heap.  However, it was 1989’s Practice what you Preach that put them at the forefront of every self-respecting thrash metal fan.  The guttural yet melodic vocals, shredding guitars, and a flat-out devastating bottom end, which was more than just how fast you can play, cemented their place in the genre.  Dare I say a more cerebral approach to musical devastation?  In short, there was just more there.

After weathering adversity, sickness, and of course, the 90’s, Testament is currently riding a wave of resurgence like so many others over the last decade or so.  Their most recent music is just textbook pulse-quickening ass-kicking music;  the type of stuff you drive around the block an extra time, so you don’t end a song too early.  Their newest, Titans of Creation, is no exception.

At first spin, you are greeted with “Children of the Next Level.”  A classic album opener, this relentless song gives us all that we would expect Testament to give.  Chuck Billy’s traditional earth-shaking vocals above some of the most devastating guitar work are what grabs you first.  But you cannot ignore some of the cleanest and most furious bottom-end out there.  Satisfying anger?  Is this a thing?  The album continues with “WWIII,” “Dream Deceiver,” and “Night of the Witch,” and they all stay with this consistent approach.  Chuck Billy (vocals) merely is ageless in “Night of the Witch,”; shattering glass and leveling mountains throughout.  Unreal.

It doesn’t stop here.  Progressing along, we have “Symptoms,” “False Prophets,” and “The Healers,” all reliable medium tempo grinders with some welcome timing changes further adding credence to this top-notch rhythm section.  Flat out ridiculous, they’re simply not messing around here.  As this band is poised to continue their resurgence, they finish strong with “The Code of Hammurabi” and “Curse of Osirus” two songs which interestingly seem to be a bit harder than the opening songs.   Perhaps a small microcosm of this band’s reemerging presence in the metal world?  

Earlier this year, before the album’s release, it was announced the Chuck Billy and his wife indeed were infected with the Coronavirus after the completion of their most recent European tour.  Yet another reminder of the tentacles of this virus has infinite reach.  As we continue to buckle down to get through this and get back to “normal,” I wish them continued recovery.

I assure you, as things get back to normal and the music scene begins rolling again, I will be first in line when this legendary behemoth of a band gets back on the road.  No doubt, I want to see this band show off this album in all its’ glory live.  In the meantime, stay healthy, wash your hands, and be well!


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.3 out of 10

Artist:  Testament,  LPTitans of Creation  Release Date: April 3rd, 2020,   Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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