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I feel fortunate enough to be able to review Asking Alexandria’s new album, Like A House On Fire for a couple of reasons.  First off, because they are pioneers in the metal world.  There are so many bands that try to bend their sound/genre and most fail but Asking Alexandria has executed this release so well.  Secondly, they have been in the scene over 10 years and still continue to produce records that are so captivating, that you just can’t stop listening.  If you were to put this album next to their first major album, Stand Up And Scream, you wouldn’t even know they were the same band – and that is bonkers.  They’ve matured their sound so much and I am here for it. It’s no lie that they put everything into this record, and it shows.  Let’s dive into it.

The album begins with the title track, “House On Fire”, and it was easy to tell that we were in for something unlike anything Asking Alexandria has ever put out.  The technical side of the music was really nice to listen to, and the violin was a nice touch as well. The attention to detail and instrumentation is so prevalent in the first track that it just makes you want to hear more.  “House On Fire” is definitely a great song to begin the album with.  It immediately pulls you in and has you screaming for more.

I was so used to the metalcore side of Asking Alexandria with Stand Up And Scram and Reckless And Relentless, that it was all I expected from them for the longest time.  I had heard there was some controversy in regard to the new release because of their new sound.  I remember watching a video of Ben Bruce, their guitarist, live on Instagram saying this was going to be different, that the true fans will be there, and that was all that mattered to the band.  Music evolves and bands have to be ready to innovate, and that is exactly what Asking Alexandria did with this album.  Danny Worsnop has a very unique voice and he can use it in many different ways. People thought From Death To Destiny was the end for them but boy were they wrong.

Continuing on, we get to “Antisocialist”, and the video for this song was released back in March.  It was really funny to read the Youtube comments below the video.  Everyone was just saying the sound was different and asking why they changed.  Come on people, times change, music changes, and so do bands.  People are reacting to this album the way they did with From Death To Destiny and they act like the band wasn’t ready for that.  Every single song is different and that is not easy to do.  I really like what they did with “It’s Not Me (It’s You)”.  I enjoyed the upbeat and fast paced flow to it.  Danny does a great job with his vocals.  I loved it.

The rest of the album continues to fire on all cylinders and only gets better as the last track rolls around.  From beginning to end, it was nonstop technical musicianship with stellar mixing.  In addition, overall production was on a level all it's own.   Like a House on Fire has potential to be one of their best albums to date, and I honestly think it could be.  I will never forget the metalcore band we knew in Stand Up And Scream, but I see this evolution as a great new beginning for them.  Give Like a House on Fire a spin from from beginning to end, you won’t be let down. 


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Artist:  Asking Alexandria,  LPLike a House on Fire  Release Date: May 15th, 2020,   Label: Sumerian Records

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