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It is hard to grasp the full force of an artist without first witnessing the raw, spontaneous energy of their live show. Live albums have always been the highlight reel into an artist’s back catalog. While the days of stuffing a tape deck into your pants to record the blown-out audio of your favorite bands are long gone, there will always be a place for live recordings in any music die-hard’s record collection.

For the last 16 years, ALTER BRIDGE has been the embodiment of creative triumph in the face of scrutiny and uncertainty. After the massive commercial success of 90’s hard rock juggernauts, Creed came to its highly-publicized conclusion due to the band’s golden child, Scott Stapp succumbing to his own personal struggles; the remaining members of Creed remained steadfast while refocusing their efforts on a new project. Guitarist, Mark Tremonti; bassist, Brian Marshall; and drummer Scott Phillips enlisted ex-Mayfield Four vocalist, Myles Kennedy to round out the line-up just months before Creed’s official end.

Walk The Sky 2.0 is a 7-song EP, from veteran hard rockers, ALTER BRIDGE that showcases an impressive mix of live recordings of songs off their latest album, Walk The Sky as well as a newly recorded and surprisingly massive, original track.

The EP wastes no time launching headfirst into the pulverizing opener, “Last Rites”, their latest track that was written and recorded entirely during the Covid-19 pandemic. A crushing, Alice In Chains-esche riff propels the album forward as Kennedy’s impressive vocal range is front and center, weaving a not-so-subtle nod to Seattle grunge, while infusing his own unique voice to the track.

The bulk of the album focuses on live performances of set list favorites from Walk The Sky. “Wouldn’t You Rather” is a fitting opener to the pseudo live set that gets the energy flowing and ready for a night of fist-pumping, anthemic hard rock. The Synthwave infused, “Pay No Mind” maintains its intense, melodic complexity while title-track, “Native Son” never misses its target with those infectiously catchy choruses, easily-digestible yet complex riffs and impassioned lyricism. The EP comes to a massive close with “Dying Light”, an emotionally-charged, arena rock anthem that showcases the band at its emotive peak with Kennedy’s soaring vocals cutting through the complexity of Tremonti’s impressive guitar work.

While darkened clouds seem never ending, Walk The Sky 2.0 is a welcome patch of blue in these uncertain times. Grab your headphones and transport yourself to a time before the fires, the ideocracy, and the self-isolation.

ALTER BRIDGE will be there to welcome you.


 As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.3 out of 10

Artist:  Alter Bridge LPWalk the Sky 2.0  Release Date: Nov 6, 2020  Label:  Napalm Records

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