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Michigander’s latest EP, Everything Will Be Ok Eventually, is impressive, to say the least. Through impactful rhythms and haunting melodies, this album catches the listener off-guard with a mix of emotions and fortitude. For an album so full of expression and vulnerability, there is a certain power found in it as well. Jason Singer dug deep and pulled out something worth spinning on loop for the Spring and Summer; or just for those introspective late nights. Everything Will Be Ok Eventually is determined and striking, and at the same time, simple. In six songs, Michigander creates a theme, which easily stays with the listener throughout this 6-track EP .

"Better" opens this one up, upbeat and contained in its style. This track is catchy, fun, yet has a sense of longing. There is much to be said about the blending of feelings found in this song. Simply a great start to this collection. "Let Down" soon takes over, with a powerful hook and a steady arrangement. This song might have the most replay potential, and is my personal favorite. It has a gorgeous composition, complimentary to the tracks around it; inspired, while maintaining its own identity.

Next up is "Saturday" and this one is dynamic. From a pacing groove into a crushing blow of wailing desire, this track has a movement that hits as hard as the music itself. "Headlights" has a busy rhythm contrasting with the spacious flow of the vocals. This song has a wonderful collage of melodies, adding layers to an already beautiful arrangement. The next track, "OK", is another one with a fun groove, yet has serious intention behind the lyrics. This one is memorable, and another contender for most replay potential.  Finally, "Together" closes out this EP with catharsis. With this track, Everything Will Be Ok Eventually seems to find its home, bringing everything preceding together into a nice package.

Everything Will Be Ok Eventually is simply stunning. It is easily digestible, but its conscience is heavy all the same. These songs stay in your head, and leave behind something more than just the music. The best part about this EP is the effort Jason Singer put into creating the messages it relays; it’s more than some one-off collection of songs. It’s a story, and a thoughtful one. Michigander's Everything Will Be Ok Eventually drops March 19, and is a must-spin. It’s short and sweet, so don’t sleep on it.


Be well and keep rocking!   Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.3 out of 10

Artist:  Michigander,  AlbumEverything Will Be OK Eventually  Release Date: March 19, 2021,   Label:  C3 Records



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