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January Jane offers a retro take on modern pop with their EP, Your Drug. This group’s talent for smoothly blending pop and alternative music feels natural and effortless. The album has great moments of exciting and catchy music, but also a few which struggle to resonate. That is not to say it is a poor catalogue—far from it—it is a solid entry, but it rarely reeled me in. With that said, for those exciting moments, they were well worth an introduction to a band that is clearly going places.

Your Drug does not waste any time jumping into January Jane’s atmosphere. The opening tracks, "Addicted to the Night" and "NYC" bring a hyped energy. The electronic-poppy feel mixed with alternative, seemingly pop-punk-influenced guitar riffs, along with incredible grooves, displays a sound and style that feels unique. This is nothing new, yet it all comes off as entirely fresh with this group. However, these two songs would be stronger with a more clean production. While the arrangements work in many places, there are areas where they feel crowded and hectic. Still, this is a strong start.

The highlight of this album is "Versions of You". Previously released as a single, this is the catchiest song on the album, and is the most likely to be played (and replayed) over and over. January Jane’s melodic talents are best found on this track. The instrumentation and arrangement of this song feels much more focused, opening up a space for the vocals and guitar to shine. The musical choices here compliment one another, and work together to make this song a bop. This one is going on a playlist.

The title track, "Your Drug", is also a solid contribution. It’s definitely catchy, and there are things to love in the rhythm, especially in the powerful beat included here. However, following the previous track, this one could have used more in the overall composition. The vocals were beautiful on this song, but that melodic charm was missed, and just after falling in love with it. Despite this, while "Your Drug" is not the strongest song on the album, it is far from weak.

The final song is a cover of Hall & Oates’ "I Can’t go for That (No Can Do)", and was a serious contender for the best song on this album. The best covers contrast from their original counterparts, and this track embodies that concept. This group’s slight retro vibe compliments the song itself, while they reinvent it to be their own. The hook’s melody is touched up here, and the modern take on this classic is both nostalgic and completely fresh. January Jane wisely dropped this cover and "Versions of You" as singles prior to this EP, and both show the true potential of this group to be a powerhouse for pop and alternative music.

Overall, this was a solid entry and it is exciting to see where this group goes. There is room to grow, but there is plenty to love about January Jane. If you like pop music with soul, with groove, and with musical twists, do not sleep on this band. Your Drug - EP drops September 17.


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