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Mt.Joy is a band that ventures out from my usual taste in music. The group has an interesting genre-bending sound. Not quite folk, not quite rock, a blend of a multitude of indie alt folk sounds is the best way to describe Mt.Joy. Their latest release Orange Blood dropped in June of 2022, and today might be a great day to jump into this amazing release.  Let's dig in to one killer album and one incomparable band!

Orange Blood is very akin to their earlier albums, i.e. their titular album Mt. Joy and Rearrange Us. However, this one seems to emphasize and focus more on an earthy rock tone in comparison to their predecessors. Listening to this album evokes the same feelings as a cozy mountain drive. Orange Blood has perfected Mt. Joy’s sound, as it seems the group has found what sets them apart. On this album a few stand out, the opening “Orange Blood”, preps the audience for the journey ahead, mellowing them into the folk side of the band. This song was actually inspired by a real life trip to the desert that occurred within the band. The overall message coming to the trip and woven into the song is a persuasion to simply sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. Which evokes a feeling of meditative presence within the lyrics and melody.

“Johnson Song” on the other hand, has more grunge to it, yet still produces an easy listen. This one has a very mellow rock and high folk sound, yet the mix of the two produces something truly unique. This is, in fact the song that originally got me hooked on the group along with one of their more popular songs off their self titled album, a song called “Astrovan”. If you find more comfort in the alternative side of music, you might enjoy “Johnson Song”. “Lemon Tree” is another go-to on this album for me. In juxtaposition to “Johnson Song”, “Lemon Tree”, brings a calmer yet, similarly intense energy. This song has an echo-y and calming demeanor with hits of energetic guitar. This album is atypical, and I have just highlighted a few of my favorites from the new album. Others not mentioned that, in my opinion, also pack an alluring punch include: “Bang”, “Roly Poly”, and “Evergreen”. This group is distinct in their music, constructing a mesmerizing tone no matter the direction they decide to take their music.

Mt. Joy deserves a listen as they continue to make music that inspires and awes their fans old and new alike. Give the group a shot and check out their latest album Orange Blood.  It's extraordinarily diverse and you are bound to find a song or two that will grow into an earworm.


Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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