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I first got into Hot Milk when I discovered their song "Candy Coated Lies" and you can tell with their new album A Call To The Void that they've come a long way. The album opens up with the song "Welcome to The…", which gives off the feeling of entering into a cave in a horror film and sounds hitting the cave walls. The ending lyrics “Am I the darkness” add to a haunting start to the album. 

The next song is "Horror Show". My favorite elements for this song were the dark lyrics but instrumental parts that make you feel like dancing at the same time. “Lobotmize my brain” were some of the lyrics that stuck out to me, it was sung in such a way that it felt relatable.  "Bloodstream" has a different sound compared to the other songs, I loved the word choice for the lyrics of this song. The lyrics “Kaleidoscope of the abyss” is an interesting description and I like that the instrumental felt like it was blending well with the vocals. 

Up next is "Party On My Death Bed", I loved the screams in this one and the guitar moments. The lyrics didn’t resonate with me as much for this song as it did for the others. It was more of a fun song to dance to for me. This song is followed by the song "Alice Cooper’s Pool House". The first thing that grabs me about this song is the lyrics “Only lucid dreams can keep me clean” and from there, it starts feeling like being stuck in a realm in between fantasy and real life. You can really get a sense that they’re losing their minds. The dark-humor ending of the song was a fun twist as well.  

Another killer track is "Zoned Out". It has some really fun drum parts to it and some cool electronic moments in the song. The instrumental for me was my favorite part of the song, it set the mood right away. The lyrics “Get me out get out” were also very relatable. The song also reminded me of how nowadays we are too absorbed in things like our phones and other forms of technology. When really it is important to be in the moment whenever we can and not be a slave to our technology.

"Over Your Dead Body" is next and it has a strong opening, loved the lyrics “You’re the Jesus of Nowhere” and the message of this song. The dramatic instrumental moments were also fun.  I feel like we can all relate to having someone in our life who acts like they’re bigger than they are and promises things they can’t deliver and just overall being done with them as a result. Being around fake people is never fun and that’s the kind of message I get from this song. The energy in "Migraine" feels a bit chaotic but in a fun way, it has a fast pace to it.  “I’m living with the pain” were the lyrics that stood out the most to me. However, I loved the next song more which is "Breathing Underwater," with relatable lyrics like “I cracked under the pressure” and “I open my mouth but the words don’t come out”. I could really feel the emotion with this one and the feeling of being alone and not having a voice for anyone to realize what you’re going through. 

 I was excited about "Amphetamine" when I realized Loveless is a part of it.  Loveless and Hot Milk sang perfectly in harmony with each other.  I loved how they sang about the disorder and chaos in the world and the feeling of being treated like we’re crazy for noticing it. When the things that have been going on shouldn’t be going on. It also felt like a song that fits both Loveless and Hot Milk.  

The final song "Forget Me Not" has a nostalgic melody to it and feels like a goodbye song. Which in a way feels fitting for the final song of the album. I feel like it captures the grief of losing someone and going on with your life really well. This song hit the hardest emotionally for me and lyrics such as “Please come back home” felt very haunting and relatable.  This one almost made me cry and ends the album on a strong note.

Overall, A Call To The Void is a strong album where every song is different but haunting in its own way.  Even if you don’t like all the songs, I feel like for most people into this genre of music, you’ll find at least one that you resonate with. Hot Milk has talent and a unique voice that I feel will keep attracting more fans to them. This one is 100% Hunnypot approved!

Toren Brown

Photojournalist - Los Angeles

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