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Hunnypot Live #185


4.19.10 - Show #185 w. Keith Masters and Goodbye Coleman

Special thanks to our amazing guests...

Stacee Coleman, Keith Masters, Zone, Dani Endrei, Yael Ebdrei, Larken Phillips, Marvin Bonilla, Ryan Wollen, Mark Rogers, Mike Moeller, Diana Szyszkiewicz, Alia Rodriques, Stephanie Haddad, Sherry Perkov, Allison McGourty, Johnny J. Ringo, John Gillilan, Sammy H. Greenspan, Phil Bird, Tony Jacks, Carole Striker, Jordan Passman, Jeff Gray, Kevin Coogan, Brandon Dovsky, Tre Tuna, Nicholas Whitaker, Delta Ogata, Mark N. Foley, Terrill “ Dj BuTTers” Bailey, Robert Coletta, Jwayanza Hobson, Julian Shah-Tayler, Sara Bryan, Melissa Rapp, Deirdre O’Hara, Ed Razzano, Donald Gray, Carlo Cavagna, Timothy Stephens, Mike Mostart, Liz Nash, Suzane Coq, Kevin Kent & Warren Malone.


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  • Playlist

    Hunnypot Radio # 185 - 4.19.10

    Thee Nullify Family - Surgeon General Warning

    Lanterns on the Lake - The Watch House and the Daughter

    The Law - Don't Stop, Believe

    Blighters - Heartbeat

    Chew Lips - Gold Key

    The Brute Chorus - Could This Be Love

    The Screaming Blue Messiahs - I Wanna Be A Flintstone

    Bassline - Slam Dam

    The Lunatic The Lover and The Poet - Stay Still

    Anita Maj - Out of Control

    Beatbullyz - Skills

    Noisettes - Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't have Fallen In Love With

    Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Watchingtheburglars

    Pixie Lot - Pixieboysandgirls (HPD Remix)

    Working For A Nuclear Free City - Troubled Son

    Zone - Turn It Out (Live)

    Zone - Caravan

    Piney Gir - Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye

    Paul Steel - In A Coma

    Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground

    Hole - Skinny Little Bitch

    Dukus Is Dead - Crossed Your Mind

    Goldfrapp - Rocket (Richard X Eight Four Remix)

    Keith Masters - 1988 Girls

    Keith Masters - I Love To Floss (Live)

    Keith Masters - I'll Be Your Hero

    Coleman's Final Set...


    Pitbull—Calle Ocho

    Tone Loc—Funky Cold Medina

    Tweet—We Don’t Need No Water

    Daft Punk—Put Your Hands Up In The Air

    Silk—Lose Control

    Nelly—Party People

    LMFAO ft. Lil Jon—LMFAO

    Black Eyed Peas—Rock That Body

    Natural Born Chillers—Rock The Funky Beat

    Deadmau5 ft. MC Flipside—Hi Friend

    Kriss Kross—Jump

    House of Pain—Jump Around

    E-40—Ghostride The Whip

    LMFAO—I Am Not A Whore

    Benny Benassi—Satisfaction

    DJ Laz—Move Shake Drop

    DJ Krille—Disco Shit

    B.B.E.—Seven Days and One Week

    2 Live Crew—Face Down Ass Up

    Jay-Z—Party Life

    Katy Perry—I Kissed A Girl

    DJ Mad ft. David S—Put Your Drinks Up

    LL Cool J—Clap Your Hands

    Red One—Everybody Clap Your Hands

    Missy Elliott—Party People

    Salt N Pepa—Push It

    Enur ft. Natasja—Calabria

    Snoop Dogg—I Wanna Rock

    Kelly Rowland—Like This

    LMFAO—La La La

    Treasure Fingers—Cross The Dancefloor

    Lloyd—Girls All Around The World

    Sean Paul—So Fine

    Sir Mix-A-Lot—Baby Got Back

    Juvenille—Back That Ass Up

    50 Cent—Disco Inferno

    Beyonce—Single Ladies

    LL Cool J—Head Sprung

    Montell Jordan—This Is How We Do It

    Lady Gaga—Disco Stick

    Lil’ Jon—Get Low

    Ying Yang Twins—Centipede


    Kid Cudi—Day & Night (RMX)

    Michael Jackson—Billy Jean (RMX)

    Bob Sinclair—Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)

    Travis Porter—Get Naked

    Xanti Hernandez vs. Frank Vanguard—You Broke My Heart

    Daft Punk—One More Time

    Empire of The Sun—Walking On A Dream

    UB40 - Red Red Wine (Sing - a - Long)

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