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Hunnypot Live #161


5.4.09 - Hunnypot Radio #161 - Far East Movement, Cinderella Motel, The Flutterbies

Special Thanks to: Far East Movement, Cinderella Motel and Maureen Davis w/ The Flutterbies, David Fisher- KXLU,Diana Szysckiecz, Marc Rogers, Brittany Myers, Richard Garcia- PMG,Dominic Rodriguez- PMG, Derrick Rice- PMG,Kevin Kent- High Desert Music, Adam Daniel, Bart Ryan, Keith Anderson, Dan Zacharias- Imperial Z, John Kenney- Earned Luck, Christopher Hawley- Christopher Hawley Rollers, John Fullford, Kristina Armendaris- TKO, Jess Cron, Jim Welch, Derek McFadyen, Scott Otto, Dave Rogers,Dylan Ceniseroz, Aislin Ard, Jason Kramer- KCRW, Zev Feldman- Montage Music, Tim Stephens- Chopperhead, Will Cooper, Brandon Dorsky, Spencer McCaffrey, Ashley Gorham,Luke O'Gara, Malachi Mott- Nevion Publishing, Jwaynza Hobson- Ace of Sabres, Veronica Puleo- Vero Foto, Neil Patil, Patrick Yarborough, Eric Sides, Mike Meller- Glow Forge.


Last modified on Thursday, 02 December 2021
  • Playlist

    Chicago Stone Lighting Band- My Love is a Good Look

    The Wave Pictures- If You Leave it Alone

    Clubfeet- BrightLightsBigCity

    Madness- We Are London

    Dude Royal- Trippin' on the Bud

    Gzuz Piece- Can't Nobody Stop Me

    Peeda Pan f/ GLC & Mic Terror- Keep it Hott (Remix)

    Tittsworth- Tittsworth Theme

    Cinderella Motel (Live)- Textual Relationship

    Cinderella Motel (Live)- Shoot Bite

    Tv on the Radio- Shout Me Out (Willie Isz Remix)

    Doves- 10:03

    Loner- Already Numb

    Chris Cornell- Long Gone (Howard Benson Remix)

    John Dahlback- Intoxicated

    Ting Ting's- That's Not My Name (Soul Seekers Dirty Mix)

    U2- Magnificent (Fred Folkes Full CLub Remix)

    Jamtech Foundation vs Yellowman- zungguzungguguzungguzeng (Hype Up Mix)

    Rob Roy- King Warrior Magician Lover

    Clipse- Monopoly (Megazoid Remix)

    Tittsworth- Drunk as Fuck (Meterhead Dark Disco Remix)

    Maureen Davis w/ The Flutterbies (Live)- Louder Louder

    Maureen Davis w/ The Flutterbies- Hummingbird Heart

    Gangstarr f/ Iu & Spoon- Dawick

    Chi Ali- Funky Lemonade

    MC Brue- Aint No Future in Your Frontin'

    Masta Ace- Sittin' on Chrome

    Mad Lion- Take it Easy

    Cypress Hill- How I Could Just Kill a Man

    LL Cool J- Mama Said Knock You Out

    Cypress Hill- Insane in the Membrane

    Slick Rick- Children's Story

    A Tribe Called Quest- Let The Pigs Come

    De La Sol- Buddy

    Showbiz & AG- Soul Clap

    Ghostface Killah- Cheche La Ghost

    DJ Kool- Let Me Clear My Throat

    Pete Rock and CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You

    Alkaholiks- Make Room

    ONYX- Slam

    Suzan Vega- Tom's Dinner

    Craig Mack- Get Down

    Keith Sweat- Some Flavor in Your Ear

    Mobb Deep- Got Twisted

    Mop- Anti-Up

    Far East Movement- Girls on the Dancefloor f/ Stereotypes

    Far East Movement (Live)- Freestyle

    Far East Movement (Live)- I love College

    White Tee f/ Yung Stet & Soulja Boy- I'm On Fire

    Get Em Mamis- Rock With Me

    Rasheeda- Bam

    Missy Elliott- Can't Stop

    Francisco- Hands Up

    Pitbull f/ Jump Smokers- Now You See it (DJ Uniqx Remix)

    The Beatles- Got to Get You Into My Life (sing-a-long)

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