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Hunnypot Live #158


3.23.09 - Hunnypot Radio #158 - Peachcake, Power Axe, Jeremy Buck & The Bang 

Special thanks to our guests Stefan Pruett (Peachcake), Bryan Randall (Power Axe), Ben Watson (Power Axe), Jeremy Buck (Jeremy Buck & The Bang), Jeff George (Jeremy Buck & The Bang), Darren Weiler (Manager of Jeremy Buck & The Bang), Siderelle (Super Rad Toys), Stacee Coleman, Manny Montiel, Dylan Ceniseroz, Brittany Myers (Barely Legal Britt), Jon Steingold, Diana Szyszkiewicz, Uncle Mark (Rogers), Rich Michalowski, Natalie Das, Punk Rock Chris, John, Kevin, Atalia Lopez, Ashley Alegre, Tanya Titus, Mitchel Falagan, Alley, Trevor W., Andrew, Dave Masters, Garen Vartanian, Daisy Tigler, Amelia Katkov, Panda, Tom Laurie, Jeff Bye, Trygge Toven, Danny Krugg, Katie Sippel, Scott Fair Brother and Malachi Mott.


Last modified on Thursday, 02 December 2021
  • Playlist

    White Lies-Death

    Silversun Pickups- Panic Switch (Radio Edit)

    Dananananaykroyd- Pink Sabbath

    We Are The World- Clay Stones

    King Kahn & The Shrines- Destroyer

    Fischerspooner- Supply and Demand

    Boy Crisis- L'homme

    The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir- Aspidistra

    Peaches- More

    Calvin Harris- I'm Not Alone

    Brakesbrakesbrakes- Two Shocks

    Kid Sister- Get Fresh (Alex Gopher Remix)

    La Roux- In For The Kill (Let's Get Ravey Mix)

    Bat For Lashes- Glass Gloria

    Cycles- If I Wanted To Tell You

    Telepathe- Drugged

    Lilly Allen- Never Gonna Happen

    Peaches- Take You Out

    Lesser Panda- Carousel (Drums of Death Mix)

    Peachcake- Stop Acting Like You Know More bout the Internet Cafe Than Me

    Power Axe-CHineez Blotter

    Torture Timmy T- One More Try

    Hot Pink Delorean- Banobo Ballet

    Peter Bjorn and John- Nothing to Worry bout (Troublemaker Remix)

    The Toxic Avenger- Toxic is Dead!

    Bald Eagle- Kinda Fresh Man (Bald Eagle Reheat)

    Jeremy Buck & The Bang- Just For One Night

    Jeremy Buck & The Bang- Smokey Smokey Smokey

    Dazzy Dyl- One Chance (live)

    Wale Ft. Lady GaGa- Chillin'

    Mims- Move (If You Wanna) (DJ Class Remix)

    Adrian Lux- Strawberry (Rapclash Remix ft.Rye Rye)

    KiD CuDi- Ask About Me (Remix)

    Rye Rye ft. M.I.A- BANG (produced by Blaqstarr)

    Kevin Rudolf ft. KiD CuDi- Welcome to the World

    K.I.G. Family ft. Kardinal Offishal, Wale & Tinie Tempah- Head, Shoulders, Knees N Toes (Mega Freestyle Remix)

    Echo & The Bunnymen- Lips Like Sugar (Sing-A-Long)

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