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Hunnypot Live #153


1.12.09 - Hunnypot Radio #153 - Andy Milonakis, Gzus Piece

Special thanks to our guests Thomas Golubic, Andy Milonakis, Jason Kramer, Gzus Piece, Derrick Rice, Tony Minter, Topher Hook, Zev, Gabriella Togliavini, Barely Legal Britt, Mark Rogers, Diana S., Carl Beyer, Chris Cormier, Jessie Gomez, Mutab, Lady Sugar (Ginny, Katy, Lisa, Liz, Secily), Guy Long, Josh Ruble, Mandy Brown, Nancy Scibilia, Milee Milliken, Leggo, Susan Koc, Diana Gonewrong, Charlie Hope, Jared McFarlin, Kane Macaniff, Aaron Beaumont, Christoph Kei, Charles, Brice, Pete, Melissa, Mike Moeller, Mike Frenden, Aiden, Lauren, Cato, Julan, Amanda Yarborough and Mr. Leigh.


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  • Playlist

    Gzus Piece—I Gets High

    Benji Hughes—You Stood Me Up

    Blood Red Shoes—It’s Getting Boring By The Sea

    Kings of Leon—My Third House

    Grand Funk Railroad—I Just Gotta Know

    Vadum Rankin ft. Hot Pink DeLorean—Bottle Service

    Dr. Hollywood—We Run LA ft. Ya Boy

    Kid Cudi—Is There Any Love ft. Wale

    Kid Bass ft. Sincere & Kano—Goodgirls Love Rudeboys

    Johnny Ringo—Hook’em Horns

    The Orion Experience—Sugar

    The Arbiters—Hip Hop Is A Free Banquet

    Tom Browne—Funkin’ For Jamaica ft. Chaka Khan

    Daniel Paul vs. Fatlip—Spacelip

    Steve Bug—You Make Me Feel

    Capital Letters—Smoking My Ganja

    Billy Boyo—One Spliff A Day “Keep The Evil Away”

    Abner Jay—I’m A Hard Working Man

    Mic Terror ft. Donnis—Ooh Wee

    Shawnna ft. Gzus Piece—Can You Handle It?

    Gzus Piece—Payback Is A Bitch

    The Postelles—White Night

    We Have Band—Oh!

    Boy Crisis—Dressed to Digress

    Tittsworth—Drunk As Fuck (Trackademicks Rmx)

    Whale—Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe

    The Platters—Twilight Time

    Ethan II—Paranoid Android

    Bust a Rhymes—Don’t Touch Me

    Dorudelus—Fair Weathered Freak (Death Set)

    Andy Milonakis—Live Freestyle Set

    Busta Rhymes ft. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss

    Santogold ft. Three 6 Mafia—Shove It (Remix)

    Nina B—Diva (Remix)

    Pitbull ft. Lil Jon & Machel Montana—Floor On Fire

    Ron Browz ft. NORE—Jumping Out Da Window (Remix)

    Lady Sovereign—I Got You Dancing (Semothy Jones Remix)

    Hot Pink DeLorean—Get It Girl

    Cheech & Chong—Earache My Eye (Sing-A-Long)

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