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Hunnypot Live #119


4.21.08 - HUNNNYPOT RADIO #119 - Beau Davidson, Le Castle Vania



Last modified on Monday, 15 November 2021
  • Playlist

    Thee Nullify Family- Surgeon General Warning

    Lucky Soul- The Towering Inferno

    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- Confused

    Muck and the Mires- Treat Her Right

    These United States- The Business

    Air- Dead Bodies

    Quintron and Miss Pussycat- Miniature Breakdown

    Frank H ft. Decay Inc- Apathy!

    Black Diamond Heavies- White Bitch

    Wham vs. DJ Morse Code- Everything She Wants

    Supermode vs. Bronski Beat- Tell Me Why (Finger Kadel mix)

    Sons and Daughters- This Gift

    The Chronics- Hot Blood Boy

    Boom Boom Satellites- Kick It Out

    My Morning Jacket- I’m Amazed

    The Casanovas- Born To Run

    The Young Gods- About Time

    Totally Michael- Winona (Miami Horror remix)

    Beau Davidson- Run

    Beau Davidson- Memphis Afternoon (live)

    Hot Pink Delorean- Freak Night

    ENON- Daughter in the House of Fools

    Computer Club- Load Rocket

    Fantastadon- Anesthesiologist

    Ying Yang Twins ft. Jacki-O vs. UNKLE- Restless Booty

    UGK vs. Basement Jaxx- Take

    UGK Back To Your House

    Jay-Z ft. Amil vs. Missy Elliot vs. The Chemical Brothers- Everybody Do It Again

    D.I.M., Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, and Justin Timberlake- Give It To Me, Airbus Baby (Johnatron remix)

    Too $hort ft. Lil John vs. Scratch Perverts- Scratch That Monkey (DJ Lobsterdust remix)

    Love N Police- Intro (Le Castle Vania remix)

    Daft Punk- Robot Rock

    Partyshank- Penis vs. Vagina (Lies in Disguise remix)

    Zero Machine- Le Castle Vania

    Killa the Noise—Le Castle Vania remix

    Black Star- A Loud

    Von Stroke Revolte- Ironic Sexism

    Hot Chip- Ready for the Floor (Soul Wax remix)

    Banshees- Text Lady RRRump- Blood Money (Le Castle Vania remix)

    Stereo- Validity Revision Beastie Boys- Fight for Your Right (sing-a-long)

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