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Friday, 31 March 2017


Worldwide DJ sensation Henri’s newest music video for cover/remix track “Fine Day” was released back in February featuring vocals from Anita Briem, starring DJ Henri and Neets.  The video was directed by Constantine Paraskevopoulos, edited by Paraskevopoulos and camera operator Robin Day.  Most of “Fine Day” is split screened, showing multiple angles and scenes, all of which feature Henri’s club fashion-- bright colors, bodysuits, bold hair.  The pair dance and strut through open air shops, cut with shots of dolls and 80s-style vocal panels, culminating in a slightly-odd pie picnic that can only be described by saying “go watch it for yourself.”

Henri’s exploits have been many: author, DJ, fashion icon, producer.  Originally from London, then raised in Los Angeles, Henri’s successes have spanned the world over.  Her debut single “It’s Like This, It’s Like That” dropped in 2014, and became synched on various television programs.  Her most recent effort was the late 2016 EP Fine Day/I See Ice Cream.  

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