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Friday, 14 July 2017

Pontea - Come Over

Pontea comes to life in the 2nd single "Come Over" off of her upcoming EP to be released Summer 2017! This song is a brilliant combination of sexy and soulful laid over a captivating pop rhythm. She bathes in colorful lights while smooth shots gloss over scenes of the dancing Pontea. 

Born and Raised in Los Angeles by immigrant parents, she first felt cultural pressures that now offer her inspiration for her newly found empowerment. Now she's a fiery songstress who on the stage, holds nothing back. Her performances are driven by her raw emotion and that's easy to see when she's front and center stage. The sincerity in her vocals couples well with her impromptu beat boxing skills and her ability to get the party going with her music. 

Written by  Hunnypot