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Friday, 23 August 2019

Channel Tres - Sexy Black Timberlake

The name Channel Tres sounds like a perfume doesn’t it? But it is not I can assure you. Channel Tres the rookie rapper from Compton has a promising, but challenging career ahead of him; that’s a certainty with bangers like “Controller” and “Brilliant N***a “. With his background knowledge in music, which he studied at the University of Oklahoma it really contrived new insight in how to craft his work. 

His single “Sexy black Timberlake” pretty catchy title, right? Is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor at any dance club in L.A. Imagine listening to this song while on molly or something, (which I don’t consent to) and not having a good time. The music video for this dank banger has soothing aesthetics and amazing choreography, accompanied with great camera work on locations any L.A native might recognize. In one scene he’s shown dancing with the backup dancers on a metro terminal in the freeway and the whole way it was shot was perfect, maybe it's just me.

Creative and with a killer opener to “Sexy Black Timberlake”, Channel Tres an underrated modern rapper brings a plethora of new sounds into the song with different camera techniques utilized in the video that makes it unique to other rappers of this generation. It’s a smooth song that most of his audience cannot fathom why he’s not heard of more in the rap community.  

Written by  Alex Rodriguez
Last modified on Monday, 26 August 2019
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