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Thursday, 17 March 2022

Palisades - Better

The interior of a simple warehouse lit up with flashing strobes and other ambient light makes for a pleasing yet minimalist setting for Lead vocalist Brandon Elgar to lay down some heavy rock lyrics. Palisades “Better” holds some deep commentary on what it means to feel secure through grief, calling to the forefront a short mantra like lyric reoccurring throughout the song, “I Want to Feel Better”. As the 3-minute video progresses with short cuts of other band members and a mysterious woman, we see a story unfolding through the use of colors; black and white delivering a bleak emptiness, red flooding in with anger, a warm orange to comfort and finally, bright blue illuminating the dank dreary warehouse with hope. Brandon is truly here to remind us of the importance of pain and how it makes us human. Whatever you might be grieving, whatever is bringing you pain, Palisades new video is here to help. Check it out and let Brandon sing you through your hurt until you begin to feel.... well, "Better"!  

- Joseph Waddick


Written by  Joseph Waddick
Last modified on Thursday, 17 March 2022
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