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Monday, 22 August 2022

Teddi Gold - The Floor Is Lava (Featuring Coolio)

Summer. A holiday season with its own special competitive spirit. For artists, every release is in contest to be someone’s song of the summer. The get ready, go out, stay lit track that stays on repeat throughout years hottest months, claiming stake in the precious memories of someone’s 2022. Teddi Gold’s early summer submission is a Covergirl sized wink to a game where the participants can touch anything but the floor. And with this beat, you might understand why. 

Hitting the dancefloor with “The Floor is Lava” (ft. Coolio) spinning might make you blaze up in a way you didn’t quite mean to, if you’re prone to attempt the moonwalk or busting any sort of daring moves. The bouncy beat slides from one unstable surface to the next, finding balance in spiraling techno theatrics and sultry demands that keep your attention throughout the song. The funky zooms layered with Teddi’s heavy, teasing breath, builds to her squeaking “the floor is lava” before delivering what I would consider to be the hottest feature of the year. 

If you don’t ever find yourself wondering what Coolio is up to, then you need to start. Earlier this season, I could not escape “Return of the Mack” and if Mack Morrison can have his revival, Coolio surely is overdue for his day in the sun. His feature shines in “The Floor is Lava”, bringing that signature slick-backed coolness to an icy hot track. His “let’s get campy baby” bar perfectly capitulates the essence of the song. “The Floor is Lava” is a carefree ode to the hot nights, blazing bangers, and refreshing visits with familiar friends that turn the heat up on everyone’s favorite season. 

-Robyn Dee

Written by  Hot Tub Johnnie
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