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Monday, 05 September 2022


Sol Messiah’s been making noise in the industry lately with his new project GOD CMPLX. Featuring some of the heaviest hitters in the game like KXNG Crooked, Sa-Rock, Locksmith, Murs, Slug, Aesop Rock, and Dead Prez, the GOD CMPLX project is a well-crafted musical journey through the minds of the some of the best MCs around.

To further promote the project, Sol Messiah dropped the visual for Limitless (featuring Evidence). The song itself a gritty masterpiece where Evidence flosses over a string laced and piano littered track. The video is equally gritty, with scenes cutting between the streets of Venice and the two jamming in a small apartment. In rough grainy scenes, Sol Messiah handles the boards and Evidence rolls blunts and continues to rap to the camera. The two hit the streets and can be found on the corner of Venice Blvd under the blue lights deep into the night. Much of the video maintains a mysterious undertone using watery transitions and silhouettes that keeps the viewer glued to the screen.

Shout out to Stephen Vanasco who put this video together. His work with Evidence over the years really speaks for itself. Peep this video and check out the rest of GOD CMPLX.


Written by  Kris Kuganathan
Last modified on Monday, 05 September 2022
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