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Thursday, 18 January 2024


Upon first listen, "Let Go" strikes as a bold and dynamic track that is quintessentially KMFDM. The band's signature industrial sound is very much present, yet there's an evolution in their style that is refreshing. What stands out immediately is Andee Blacksugar's powerful guitar work, which is both aggressive and melodic. The composition is tight, with every element from the pounding drums to the gritty synths working together to create a robust sonic landscape.

Digging into the melody, my initial thoughts were that it was catchy and almost anthemic.  I could easily see "Let Go" a track that could fill football stadiums worldwide. Lyrically, KMFDM stays true to their style of thought-provoking and rebellious lyrics, adding a layer of depth to the track. It’s not on the extreme level of 2019’s “Paradise” but gives listeners just enough angst to get them through the day.  As for the emotions the song elicits, there's an undeniable sense of urgency and defiance in "Let Go." It connects with the listener on a visceral level, tapping into a primal desire for freedom and rebellion.

In terms of production quality, "Let Go" is top-notch. Sascha Konietzko’s mix is balanced, allowing each instrument to shine without overshadowing the others. The overall cohesiveness of the single is impressive, demonstrating KMFDM's ability to evolve their sound while staying true to their roots. Breaking it down to its most basic form, one immediately realizes the end result of “Let Go” is a collective effort via the sonic wizardry Konietzko, Lucia Cifarelli, Andee Blacksugar, and Andy Selway.  This united front will continue to pay dividends on stage when their highly anticipated tour begins on March 6th in Atlanta.

Comparing "Let Go" to previous singles, it's clear that KMFDM is not resting on their laurels. They're pushing their sound forward, experimenting with new elements and refining their craft. It's a successful single that showcases their growth as a band.  Listening intently, you can hear the past, present, and future throughout the 4:00 minute masterpiece.  For fans of KMFDM, this song is a precursor to what will surely be a killer release on Feb 2nd. Let Go will be their 23rd studio album across an amazing 40-year career and could very well be one of their best when the dust settles.

At the end of the day, “Let Go" meets and exceeds my expectations as a true KMFDM fan. It's a powerful track that showcases the talent of Sascha, Lucia, Andy, and Andee at their best, offering a fresh take on their signature sound while staying true to their roots. I would recommend dropping the needle on this one for both long-time fans of the band and newcomers looking for high-energy, thought-provoking music. After a quick spin around the block, you’ll be once again hooked on one (if not the most) the most legendary industrial bands of our time.  “Let Go” is The Ultra Heavy Beat at it’s finest!

- Matthew Belter

Written by  Matthew Belter
Last modified on Monday, 22 January 2024
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