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Monday, 30 November 2015

Vol. 21

Our intensity never wavers! Hunnypot’s Artist Compilation  Vol. 21 , spot-lighting our current and upcoming singles is ready for downloading. Featuring tracks from new artists (OG, Mochipet, Ghost Lit Kingdom, Niche), Hunnypot stalwarts (Louis Prima Jr, Trabants, Bonhom, Trabants, J*LABS), and trending acts from Robbins Entertainment (Goldhouse, Wish I Was, tyDi, Jackson Ville) this 15 track journey to the center of our finds has something for everyone.



Goldhouse - Over


Genre: Pop/Dance
Sounds Like: Joyous Hit Radio Bliss

J*Labs feat. Johanna Phraze - Want it

resized j labs airplane 2

Genre: Future Funk
Sounds Like: young Kesha super-charged for the dance floor

Jackson Ville feat. Hannah Reeves - Burn Up


Genre: Dance
Sounds Like: Heavy petting in a European discothèque

Ghost Lit Kingdom - You Don't Know Me


Genre: Anthem Rock
Sounds Like: Alanis Morssette spooning with Carrie Underwood

Niche - High Heel Squats


Genre: Twerk Tech Workout
Sounds Like: Spank Rock arm wrestles Nicki Minaj

Bonham - Paradise 

Bonhom Paradise

Genre: Dream Pop
Sounds Like: A lucidly dreamy pseudo-love story

Wish I Was feat. Cameron - Cutting Ties

wish i was

Genre: Dreamy Dance
Sounds Like: Calvin Harris meets Ellie Goulding

OG Shanksta - I Paid Cash

OG I paid cash

Genre: Rap
Sounds Like: Outkast for 2016!

Hollywood Rick Sickman - Double Wide


Genre: Dance craze time
Sounds Like: Silento meets Big Sean

Mochipet - Koji Kondo


Genre: Video Game party
Sounds Like: Midi Gameboy. Sonic The Hedgehog

tyDi - Tear Me Up (feat. Nash Overstreet)


Genre: Pop Dance Anthem
Sounds Like: Maroon 5 meets Zedd

J*Labs feat. Orphic - Put Em Up Now 


Genre: Future Funk
Sounds Like: A neon infused ass-quake of the funkiest proportions

Louis Prima Jr feat. Leslie Spencer - I Just Wanna Have Fun

Louis prima i just wanna have fun

Genre: Big Band Fun
Sounds Like: Brian Setzer Orchestra rave up with powerful Female  vocals

Trabants - Dutch Treats


Genre: Soulful Blues Swagger
Sounds Like: Buzz Saw Guitar and Organ


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