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Monday, 25 October 2010

Unknown Hinson Live from the Hunnypot Radio Show!

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We pulled out a classic archival performance/interview of Unknown Hinson from his appearance on the Hunnypot Radio Show, on May 5, 2008. Hinson was in full character for this performance and it was brilliant! Many of you may also know him as the voice of Early Cuyler on the popular Adult Swim show Squidbillies. This performance is truly great in both a comedic and musical fashion!


Unknown Hinson "Live on the Hunnypot Radio Show"

[audio on the Hunnypot Radio Show (05-05-08).mp3]


Track List

From Jail to Hell You Ain’t Callin’ the Law It Don’t Bother Me Lingerie Foggy Windows Silver Platter I Ain’t Afraid of Your Husband (Live) Ugly Things (Live) Trunk of My Cadillac Car (Live) Your Man is Gay (Live)


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