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Tuesday, 21 June 2022


Following the trend of digestible, algorithm-friendly song titles, Rora Wilde’s new diva diddy, “DLM” lends a new acronym to your letter littered psyche. While Rora’s vocals settle into their R&B stride, the faintest tint of her country roots peer through her raven hair. Her voice never strays too far, however, from the ratatat keeping course of the soul pop Rora has set her sights on. 

Maybe I am just getting old, but I could not have guessed what DLM stands for by its letters alone. Luckily, the song is catchy enough to pop in your head the same way you’d think about that special someone sliding into your DLMs. (That’s a phrase, right?) Rora spells it out in the chorus, playfully pleading, “don’t let me let you go”. While taking the time to convince herself of what’s in front of her, she does not shy away from some TLC before going OUT for the night. 

In the video, Rora is looking for some me-time in preparation for the we-time, promising herself, and whoever she’s on the phone with, that it will only take her 10 minutes to clean…and bubble bath and decide on an outfit. After a few moments luxuriating on promised time, she finishes her fit with an affirming pout in the mirror and an Ariana Grande flounce out the door. 

On DLM, Rora starts to find her footing between what’s now and what’s her. She’s cleaning her already polished living space, hinting that obsessing is her favorite form of procrastination. The Jojo vibes of the song compliment the video's references to other aughts songresses. With the same hopeful tone of that era, DLM delivers a bright and glittery promise of what’s been and what’s to come for Rora Wilde.

-Robyn Dee 


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Written by  Hot Tub Johnnie
Last modified on Tuesday, 21 June 2022
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