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Mark Mallman

Mark Mallman

There is a line between insanity and genius that Mark Mallman has built a career on. His solid songwriting and wild stage persona have earned him opening spots on stages with artists as diverse from Cat Power to Green Day to Guided by Voices to name a fraction. Mallman’s expansive catalog of infinitely catchy rock songs has rocked the airwaves of MTV, VH1, NPR, and dozens of major motion picture trailers and video games.

On 2016's The End Is Not The End, Mallman exposes himself to the to rawest nerve, the likes of which haven’t been heard since Neutral Milk Hotel's In an Aeroplane Over The Sea or The Eels’ Electro-Shock Blues. It is a deliberate meditation on overcoming the roots of despair. But even so, this is a timeless, kick ass rock record. As Mallman sings it: “I didn't know where I was going / till I stopped believing and I started knowing / The story of life is what was manifested where once was a void.”

He's been written about by Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, USA Today, Wired, NME, The Toronto Star, Chicago Sun-Times, the Denver Post and so on. However, despite this substantial list of credits, he's also been characterized as a madman numerous times, by numerous sources, over the years. Possibly for his “Elton Johnny Rotten” live show.

But most likely Mallman actually is a mad genius for staging four of his “Marathon” events over the years, including a non-stop, non-sleep 78-hour song with 576-pages of lyrics, all live from his hometown’s Turf Club in an endurance exercise much more akin to John Cage than David Blaine. Did the 110 musicians and over 25,000 people who tuned into the internet broadcast during its peak think Mr. Serious (nickname) was nuts? Hopefully.

Hmm, maybe Mallman isn’t such a madman after all…

“Indie rock super hero.” – Minneapolis City Pages

 “...engaging ballads and forceful pop tunes...” – Rolling Stone

 “Mallman ’s ‘70s-redolent music could be huge...” – Pitchfork

 “Tin Pan Alley-meets-Madison Square Garden.” – Salt Lake City Weekly

 “Mad pop genius.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

“David Lynch would appreciate Mallman’s world.” – Chicago Sun Times

“You’ve not really lived until you’ve seen Mark Mallman...” – Denver Post



Focus tracks - The End Is Not The End, Hologram Jesus, Trying To Fight Fire With A Fist

All Songs Hunnypot Unlimited sync and master.

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