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J.D. Wilkes

J.D. Wilkes - Fire Dream

*Many may not recognize the name J.D. Wilkes. But it’s likely you have seen either one of his bands — The Legendary Shack Shakers or the Dirt Daubers — over the past two decades, slinging out a crazed, bug-eyed combination of rockabilly, hillbilly and country blues, somewhere near your hometown. Also known as Col. J.D. Wilkes, his hopped-up, caffeinated frontman status of those acts was a vehicle for his somewhat warped, generally manic and always intense aesthetic of Southern Gothic madness. - Hal Horowitz (American Songwriter)

*From Paducah, KY, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers vocalist Col. J.D. Wilkes roots-rock is carnivalesque. Wilkes uses terms like hillbilly-gypsy or boho bluegrass to express his latest project, which is grounded in the topography of Kentucky — a blending of mountain landscapes and the flat delta lowlands. His inspiration for Fire Dream creates a mingling of folk, jazz and blues.

The title track has an Eastern folk cabaret quality, giving the vivid illusion of a 19th century circus, with a round stage and a fire performer under a tent in front of seated onlookers. Usually, distorted vocals are unacceptable, but its effect on "Fire Dream" and "Hobos Are My Heroes" gives Wilkes a theatrical presence that greatly enhances the mood."Moonbottle" hides a mystery in its lyrics and "Down in the Hidey Hole" accents ska and jazz notes by the Bo-Keys' horn section. The fiddle on the traditional country tune "Wild Bill Jones" is indispensable. A vocal cry with a Southern drawl starts "Starlings, KY," which defers to a bluegrass jig. "Walk Between the Raindrops," has a secret spy theme and "Rain and Snow" showcases finger-picking. The ending to "Bible, Candle and a Skull" is marvelously spooky and "That's What They Say" brings back a gypsy motif after letting the piano shine. -Marlo Ashley (Exclaim!)

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