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Drm Prty’s new EP “Tell Me Your Dreams” brings together collaborators in music,
artwork and video.

From the new collective Drm Prty comes the EP Tell Me Your Dreams. Featuring three songs: “Your Love is Wonderful,” “I Love It,” and “I’m So Addicted,” this is a unique musical collaboration bringing together Los Angeles artists to create something unique. “It’s sexy, fun, empowering, and creative,” described the brand’s producer Malachi Mott, who has worked with artists including Ty Dolla $ign, Sia, and Zedd. Collaborators on the new brand include artist Autumn Armstrong, a.k.a. The Painted Lady LA, whose live painting and can be seen in the EP artwork and music video for “Your Love is Wonderful,” and singer Princess Fortier , ⅓ of the group The Era Queens. “By recording Princess Fortier’s vocals first, I was able to allow the music to paint the emotions that I felt when I listened to her lyrics and melodies. The inspiration for "Tell Me Your Dreams" was definitely her energy,” shared Mott. Assets including the three songs, EP artwork, and “Your Love is Wonderful” music video can be downloaded here.

Malachi Mott is a music producer originally from Long Island, NY and currently in Los Angeles, CA. His long and diverse career includes engineering at Interscope Records, producing indie artists and teaching music production at Icon Collective. He has worked with Ty Dolla $ign, Sia, Zedd, Polow Da Don, The Game, Ester Dean and more. Now he spends his days empowering artists to create the art the world deserves.

Hunnypot is proud to be DRM PRTY's exclusive licensing agent, master and publishing 100%.

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