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The best performance of a musician, captured with the best technology, is available at our fingertips, but nothing beats the adrenaline, and the exhilaration of watching a professional live performance in a beautiful space, or the rush of witnessing an up and coming band that you know you will someday say I was there. Spanning eras and genres, Levitt Pavilion rocks the best sound, location, and soon to be legends. Did I mention the 50 free concert series that provides live music for everyone practically right in your backyard.

Levitt Pavilion is just 5 minutes from downtown Denver located on Ruby Hill, a 5,390 ft elevated hill. One band member spoke of rolling down it during sound check, that I haven’t done but I certainly remember the excitement rolling down hills as a kid. Ruby Hill forms the perfect auditorium style venue looking down on an extremely high-end stage with breathtaking views of the city. The production and setting is similar to our legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater just with beautiful green. 

The hill itself was named for the red stones found in the area by early miners thought to be rubies that turned out to be garnets. The outdoor venue with seating for 7,500 and a 1,500 square foot stage completely customizable and perfect for the larger acts, will most certainly draw in big names in future, while still giving the local bands the same opportunity to perform. If you’re a musician reading this I had the opportunity to rest in the green room while tour managing last year and it was the best green room by far here in our local scene. They take care of your no matter how big or small. Opened mid-2017. The venue will host 50 free concerts each year provided by sponsors, donations, concessions, and merchandise sales.

Having free access to the art of music at this legit venue, with some of the best sound I’ve heard in the city, right in the neighborhood brings a new sense of community. The crowd was extremely diverse and could be a place to go hang out with friends or bring a picnic blanket with the whole family. Don’t forget those head phones for the kiddos though. The sound is out of this world for outdoor sound and the little ones dancing around in their headsets was a sight to see. Levitt provides a place for local bands that may not even be on Spotify to perform on a stage they could only dream of. The joy of the bands performing at such a venue with full video and large screen so reminding of our famed Red Rocks was palpable. As was the excitement of all ages in the crowd. It was a sense of community that being an experienced concert goer like myself has not felt anywhere else.

Opening day on June 1st went off without a hitch and came in with bang. Sorry Sweetheart started us off followed by Younger than Neil. Both openers had the crowd going and warmed up and ready for Five Iron Frenzy that had a full crowd by the stage rocking out to start off the season. Whether it’s your genre of music or not it doesn’t matter. The energy and community of the venue makes it well worth your time. If you consider yourself a live music lover don’t miss it and if you are new to live music or have kids this venue is a summer must. Levitt won’t disappoint. This year they have added some paid acts as well, definitely worth looking into, but never forget their dedication to you and the local music scene with their 50 free concert series.

Try out one or try them all. In the free series a few bands that we will likely have us using that phrase “we were there” or they are just a good place to start if you’re new to the Denver music scene are; Larken Poe, Frances Cone, Honey Honey, Katie Herzig, Esme Patterson with The Still Tide, The Brevet with One Flew West, and Ripe. Those free shows are certain to not let you down if you’re not sure where to start with 50 concerts! 

If opening day is any indication make sure to make it out there and support what Levitt is bringing to the community. You won’t regret it and I have no doubt you will be addicted to 50 free concert series. Watching the growth of Levitt Pavillion over the coming years will be a very exciting time to say you were a part of.

-Review by Heather Farchild, Photos by Susan Wolcott


Susan Wolcott

Assistant Editor - Denver

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