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In my years of listening to metal music, I had never heard Undertow before, but once the opening track “Floating” started playing, I had a good feeling about the songs to come. The ease in sold me right away and then it was dependent on the transition between each track. I appreciate it when albums tend to tell a story and I think Undertow achieved that with this album. Listening to “Zero Type X” reminded me of the days where I would jam All That Remains on my way to school in the morning because of their heavy riffs and slick solos during breakdowns.

I really enjoy the way Joachim Baschin’s vocals mesh with the tone of the guitars. Sometimes that is a deal breaker with some bands and if the vocals don’t mesh right, the entire song is just a bit off. Joachim really kills it on each track. You can feel the emotion in his voice every word he sings. Draws you in so you keep listening to see where the song will go next.

I really love how the album takes a dip into some more sorrow sounding tones with “11 Hours”. Undertow really knew how to piece this album together and give it a rise and fall feeling. But just when you thought it was going to stay that way, you get picked right back up with “Trails For The Blind” with heavy hitting drums and gnarly riffs. I don’t think there is a moment where you’re not just bobbing your head up and down expecting a solo to come out of nowhere.

The album was also wonderfully mixed. There wasn’t a time where I felt like instruments were too quiet or too loud. As I’ve talked about before, a bad mix can ruin an album and make it unbearable to listen to. This is one that I can see being played over and over due to how pleasant it is to the ear. This is a great metal album. 3 cheers for Undertow and the upcoming release of Reap The Storm. You guys gained a new fan today and am looking forward to more releases in the future.

As always, rock on my friends!      Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.8 out of 10

Artist: Undertow,  Album: Reap The Storm,  Release Date: September 21st, 2018 (Pre-order HERE),  Label: El Puerto Records GbR

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