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When someone brings up the name Andrew Hagar in casual conversation (and that happens more often than you think), ones mind immediately jumps to the obvious - his fanatical love for family, a passion for combat sports, and his strange affinity for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  But beyond that lies a man who has lived his life with purpose and conviction, staying true to himself along with the one's he cherishes the most.  Hagar's drive has taken him around the block a time or two,  and back to a place he initially didn't think he would be.  It was not developing video games or fighting professionally (although he has excelled at both).  Instead, it was Andrew reevaluating his own life and in turn rediscovering his deep seeded love for music.  Hagar's evolution is culminating with a highly anticipated release from his latest band, S.Ø.S, as well a 16-city tour in support of that EP.

If you haven't had the good fortune of seeing Andrew Hagar live, you are missing out on a what many consider to be a true rock star in the making.  His music is real, lyrics heartfelt, and along with that a stage presence that is second to none.  Hagar is a throwback by all-accounts, and helps transport fans back to a time and place where all that mattered was the music. "Triggerman", the first release off 2019's upcoming release -  From The Other Side, is a great example of this (link below).  The song was inspired by the senseless shootings in Parkland, Florida, and showcases his amazing skill as a writer and storyteller.  These skills are rare in this day and age, and Andrew's stories are brought to life for fans at his live performances.  Hagar's shows are not flashy spectacles, but true rock and roll revivals in the rawest sense.   Again, rare in this day and age...

If you have the chance to see Andrew Hagar live during his upcoming From The Other Side Tour, please do so - you will not be disappointed. Hagar's shows are what rock and roll music is all about.  On top of that, he'll be touring around with some amazing bands (such as King Daniel and Roger Clyne) as he blazes trails from the West Coast to the East Coast w/ stops all along the way (including a few killer South-of-the-Border shows in Mexico).  In addition, he'll be sharing the stage with a few heavyweights too.  Heard of a band called Foreigner?  How about his "Pops" band, Sammy Hagar & The Circle?  This tour is what dreams are made of and a "Must See" for any concert aficionado.  I've got my tickets, and recommend you do the same.  

By all accounts, this tour is going to be straight FIRE - do not miss it!  For more information on Andrew Hagar, his upcoming From The Other Side Tour, or to buy tickets for one of his upcoming shows, click HERE.  

Matthew Belter

Executive Editor - Long Beach

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