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Reel Big Fish and Bowling for Soup each elicit a certain kind of energy when it’s their turn to take the stage. On July 28th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, they called forth that all-too-familiar energy and hurled it out into The Mayan Theater at full force.

Although both bands carry with them this same skyscraper-high energy, each performance is unique—a specific personality type that compliments the other like two high school friends that might each earn themselves a detention slip before the end of first period. If you want a visual hint of the antics that happened that night, just take a look at the mic stands in the photos from the sets. More than half of them are retrofitted with beer can holders. Crystal-clearly, both bands had come to party.

Bowling for Soup was up first to bat, opening up with “The Bitch Song”. In one fell swoop, lead-singer/guitarist Jaret Reddick and his entourage of misfits let you know two things: they plan on pulling the hell out of all the stops, and also, they had all run out of fucks to give.

Slamming through hits like “Punk Rock 101”, “High School Never Ends”, and “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”, they break from their originals to bust out one of their most popular covers, “Stacy’s Mom”. This cover is so popular that Reddick jokes, “People always come up to me and think we fuckin’ wrote this song!” Rounding third, BFS knocks out a couple more fan favorites, taking a break to let the audience sing the second chorus of “1985” while the band enjoys an on-stage beer with show mates, Reel Big Fish, before wrapping up their shenanigans with a three-part, audience-participation rendition of “Row Row Row Your Boat”. It was goofy and childish, and we loved it!

When it came time for Reel Big Fish to take the stage, the crowd was primed for the next phase of the party to pop off. Ever the pranksters, the band sprinkled their opening tracks with fake-outs and walk-offs, egging the crowd on before they casually slid into their well-known lane of raucous and radical ska-rock. Careening through hits old and new, lead singer/guitarist (and sole original member) Aaron Barrett and his ska-punk army bounce and swing and shake and shimmy; showing the crowd how to shed those shitty fevers we all can’t help but catch sometimes.  

As for Reel Big Fish's set, it was jam packed with classics and covers that failed to disappoint even the most hard core fan.  Fan favorites included "Beer", I Wan't Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too" & the 1985 A-ha standard, "Take Me On".  Their unique spin on this song was undeniably amazing and spun fans into a frenzy they couldn't recover from. Watching this unfold live was second to none and a memory I won't soon forget.   

The whole show felt like the first (and maybe only) house party you ever threw while your parents were out of town. More people showed up than you expected, drinks were spilled, beer runs were made, the girl you like pulled you into a dark corner and you both sucked face like some real big fish, and every juvenile delinquent in attendance partied their ass off to tunes that reminded them how much life sucks (but fuck it), so let’s dance!

James Sebastian

Writer - Los Angeles



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