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About a month ago, I was asked if I’d like to cover a band called Liliac. At the time, I knew nothing of this band (shame on me), so I immediately set out to listen to some of their material and learn a bit about them. A quick Google search led me to their homepage, and I was a bit taken by the fact this band is made up of five siblings (ages 20 to 12). Having started together close to 5 years ago under the tutelage of their father, playing to passers-by on the Santa Monica Pier, they have amassed quite a following. Thousands of YouTube followers, well-produced videos garnering over a million views, and appearances on major network talent shows. Besides, they have just finished up their first major tour of the US, including a coveted spot on the most recent KISS Kruise. This band appears primed to break out very soon!

My excitement hit peak level as I was heading up to The Mint. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Friday the 13th then to watch a band whose name means Vampire Bat in Romanian! It just seemed right. As I entered the venue, I immediately had to navigate through a massive cluster of fans, which stretched well past the entrance. This traffic jam was the line for the meet-and-greet they had set up this evening. Everyone wanted a chance to meet this talented group of siblings. I was lucky enough to be introduced to their proud and upbeat father Floren Cristea (aka Chriss Floren), by Hunnypot colleague, Thomas Coffman. It was soon apparent to me where these kids get their boundless energy.

Showtime was quickly approaching, and everyone in attendance knew it. The hairs on MY arms were standing up, and one can only assume the rest of us anticipating this band to hit the stage were feeling the same way. The house music finally faded, and The Cristeas, Samuel (lead guitarist), Abigail (drums), Melody (lead vocals), Ethan (bass), and Justin (keyboards) made their way to the stage.  Once visible to the rabid fans, they uncorked Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” as their opening song. Whoa…. Not only did they immediately set the tone for the night, but I was amazed at their stage presence. Not that I didn’t expect to see the confidence in them on stage, but they owned it! They showed everyone that they belonged there.

Pounding drums and bass on the bottom end, mixing perfectly with the machine-gun guitars and powerful, gritty vocals, this band spared no time in grabbing this crowd and not letting go. I could not take my eyes off them.  They powered out the covers that have made them the internet sensations they are, including Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid,” and along with their calling cards including Ronnie James Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” and “Holy Diver.” They also unleashed some original music, playing songs from their recent inaugural album, Chain of Thorns. They nailed their whole set and did so as well as metal legends 5-times their ages! An entertaining mix of tunes which, when witnessed together, showcased perfectly the talents of each member and still illustrated how cohesive this group is.

There’s nothing more exciting in music than to see something like this unfold before you, a band that is overflowing with talent, confident in what they’re doing, executing their vision to perfection, and just flat-out having fun.  Perhaps the happiest part of all is that this band is all family. Could they be the next big thing? Time will only tell, but if what I observed last Friday was any indication, they’re going to be around a long, long time. Keep rocking Liliac, we’re pulling for you!


John McAteer

Photojournalist - Orange County

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