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Tonight,  Hunnypot had the distinct pleasure of covering Heilung at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO. They are currently making their debut in the US with a handful of dates that cover Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Chicago, and New York. For those not familiar with the band, Heilung was formed in 2014 by German vocalist Kai Uwe Faust and Danish multi-instrumentalist and studio engineer Christopher Juul. Shortly after, Norwegian singer Maria Franz joined the band. They describe their music as Amplified History from early medieval northern Europe. They take listeners back to the Bronze Age, using ancient instruments and objects while they sing and chant in varies languages including German, English, Gothic, and other Viking age variations. Their instruments include drums, bones, horns, and ritual bells.

We arrived early and noticed a never-ending line of fans waiting in line for the venue doors to open. Hadn't seen such a rabid fan base and buzz around a band like this in quite some time.  A very dedicated fan base was immediately evident. Many of the fans were dressed in old Nordic Bronze Age clothing just like the band. The show was completely Sold Out.

There would be no openers tonight. This evening was solely dedicated to Heilung. By the time band was about to make their Denver debut, the venue was completely packed with eagerly awaiting fans. The air was filled with smoke and the smell of incense burning. Everyone in the crowd was waiting for what felt like a ritual was about to begin. The band took the stage around 9pm as they gathered in a circle holding hands and chanted in a prayer like setting. Once the ceremony concluded, they went right into their first song, "In Maidjan."

Heilung's performance took the audience back in time and brought a very raw and ritualistic experience to the Ogden Theater. The powerful vocals of Maria Franz and the heavy throat growls of Kai Uwe Faust are quite the combination. Their vocals coupled with the tribal drumbeats and stage presence makes this show a truly unique experience. The name Heilung translates to "healing" in German, which is exactly what their performance leaves you feeling. It's a very intense, yet soothing experience from start to finish.

We hope we have the pleasure of having Heilung back in the US again soon.



See photos and set-list from tonight's event below:

  • In Maidjan
  • Alfadirhaiti
  • Krigsgaldr
  • Hakkerskaldyr
  • Norupo
  • Othan
  • Traust
  • Galgaldr
  • Hamrer
  • Hippyer


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